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Wind project restrictions time-limited in NC Senate bill

This came through the AP and was picked up by the Virginian-Pilot (Norfolk VA area). Surprisingly it was not picked up by the Raleigh News and Observer. Surprising since the legislation was passed in Raleigh, NC, the state capital. Also surprising since the Raleigh News and Observer has reported on this before. None the less....

I still think this is ridiculous legislation, particularly since the DoD has said wind farms in this area would NOT impact their operations.

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Legislation that would have blocked for good new wind turbine projects across much of eastern North Carolina in the name of preserving military installations has been narrowed to a three-year pause.

The Senate Rules Committee voted Thursday for the amended bill , with floor debate potentially next week.

Areas restricted from constructing or expanding wind farms until mid-2022 would cover large land swaths already mapped by an engineering firm and state agency.

The pause would give the federal government time to explain how turbines could affect installations in the next round of base closings.

Bill sponsor Sen. Harry Brown of Jacksonville calls the moratorium a compromise.

A two-year moratorium just ended in December. State regulators can already deny permits to a project that would harm installations or training, like with aircraft.

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