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California district stalls West drought plan over lake money

More drought plan discussion, but not Arizona focused. I picked this up off the Salt Lake City Tribune's webpage, although it looks like they picked it up from the AP (which is who I credited). Interesting to see that the Imperial Irrigation District (IID) is flexing it's muscles on this topic, particularly as it relates to the Salton Sea. I'm guessing most people outside of Southern California and the Yuma, AZ area have never heard of IID. Perhaps this is because it's located in the poorest county in California (in 2015 when measured by Adjusted Gross Incom) or in one of the least densely populated counties in California (41 out of 58). In spite of this, IID has significant political power

SPRNCA needs assessed by both sides in water rights trial

Reprinted below is the Sierra Vista Herald's summary of the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area (SPRNCA) water rights trial currently ongoing in Phoenix. When I was working on the Resource Management Plan (RMP) for the SPRNCA hydrology and water supply was a significant issue for many of the reasons discussed below. It was amazing the number of studies that had been done on the impact of vegetation on the health of the river and the species in and around it. Even more interesting was how polarized they were. Riparian vegetation is drawing water away from the river and the trees need to be removed, or, riparian vegetation is benefiting the river by enhancing habitat. You'll see elem

Local rancher Ladd testifies in San Pedro River water rights trial

The author of this article raises a great question with their first sentence: "Does a personal perspective devoid of scientific foundation carry much weight in court?" It's a valid question. Why is the court allowing testimony that is purely anecdotal from a witness that, by his own admission, does not have a background in science. While this witness does have a long history in the area, how much weight should his testimony carry? What exactly is his expertise and how should it be accounted for. Will the court allow the Sierra Club, or the Center for Biological Diversity, to testify? If the court does, will their testimony be given equal weight?

Lawsuit targets federal permit for development near San Pedro River

Another issue strongly related to the topic of the State's Drought Contingency Plan and the lawsuit related to the San Pedro River. I've yet to understand who the 28,000 people are that the developer thinks will move to Benson or where they will work. Sierra Vista? The Rita Ranch area? I just don't see it. It certainly would be devastating to the San Pedro River and would likely affect water availability for Fort Huachuca, Sierra Vista, and Cochise County farmers and ranchers. A link to the article is below as is the story in is entirety. Environment

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