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Balancing conservation, grazing and recreation on the San Pedro River

AZPM wrote an interesting article on the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area (SPRNCA) Resource Management Plan (RMP). The full text of the article is below and can be found here: Personally, I spent 2.5 years, January 2014 to August 2016 as the planning lead for the SPRNCA RMP, so I'm intimately familiar with most of the people mentioned in this article and the issues. One of the things that is surprising to me includes the unhappiness with allowing more shooting in the SPRNCA. Where it

Government expert sees no increase in San Pedro riparian area vegetation

This was published yesterday in the Sierra Vista Herald Review. According to a sidebar in the article, today (Thursday May 16) Leslie Arianna Brand, an avian ecologist familiar with the SPRNCA, will discuss the critical importance of the riparian area to a multitude of avian species, both migratory and year-round residents, and the need to preserve and enhance the habitats the cottonwood and willow stands provide. The sidebar also states that she will also rebut the claims of defense witness Steve Carothers, SWAC aquatic and terrestrial biologist, who testified the government does not need as much water as it is claiming. Tomorrow is expected to be the last day of the trial. Special Master J

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