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Traditional cyclists, e-bikers clash over new trail rules

I saw this in E&E News last week. I thought it was Interesting because I had never heard of an Ebike prior to early 2017 when I was working on a travel management plan for the BLM Shoshone Field Office. The staff there kept talking about Ebikes and I kept thinking mopeds or scooters (really I was thinking mopeds). How wrong I was. Ebikes are real, they are a thing, and they are exploding in popularity, particularly in the demographic that still enjoys biking and utilizing bike paths, but that struggle with some of the steeper sections. I see them on bike paths all over Tucson these days. Important to note that in Tucson motorized vehicles are not allowed. So are eBikes bicycles or are they m

Arizona Corporation Commission member urges 2050 clean energy target

I saw something about this this morning on E&E news. I guess we're both a little late to the game given that this article on Arizona Public Media came out in March. The E&E News article was looking at this from the angle of the impact on Biden's Presidential Campaign in Arizona. Regardless, it would be a pretty tectonic shift, in my opinion, for the Arizona Corporation Commission given the previous mandates on renewable energy of 15%. I realize "clean energy" doesn't necessarily relate to "renewable energy". Still it's a significant shift away from coal which Arizona has been reliant upon for a long time. The link to the AZPM article is at the bottom. Lea Marquez Peterson, a member of the Ar

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