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Senate Bill Would Ban Wind Farms In Some NC Counties

This was reported in a number of NC newspapers including the News and Observer and the Charlotte Business Journal, I just grabbed the article from this station since it was easy. I'm at a loss for why this issue, or non-issue, continues to be raised. Actually I'm not at a loss, it's politics, pure and simple. This is a solution that is looking for a problem. A problem that does not exist and that the Department of Defense has stated does not exist. If there is evidence from DoD to the contrary I'd like to see it. Disappointing to see this narrow minded behaviour in my home state. An 18-month moratorium on new wind energy farms in North Carolina ended Dec. 31. But a bill introduced in the sta

New Mexico Governor to Sign 100% Clean Electricity Bill ‘As Quickly As Possible’

The New Mexico Governor has three days to sign or veto this bill as I understand it. Thus, it should be signed by tomorrow I believe, she is an enthusiastic supporter of renewables so there's no chance she won't sign it. Once signed New Mexico will join CA, Hawaii, and DC which also have legislation committing to 100% renewables or emitting 100% of carbon emissions from their footprints. Public Service New Mexico (PNM) is a supporter of this legislation. Passage of the bill would ensure the closure of the San Juan Generating Station, a coal fired power plant and the San Juan Mine. Currently it is expected to close in 2022, it's unclear if that timeline will be extended to allow for a transi

With no drought contingency plan approved, official turns to governors

I've written about this several times previously, California and Arizona have missed a couple of deadlines over the past few months related to the drought contingency plan, in spite of the Arizona Governor's celebration of legislative success. Now they have another deadline which they've already indicated they'll likely miss. It's difficult to tell what constitutes an approved plan for the head of the Bureau of Recalamation, there's an article on Arizona Public Media that offers an attempted explanation: Regardless, if you don't realize how important an issue this i

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