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Huge Benson development near San Pedro River gets federal OK

This came out last week. This project was started over ten years ago but the bottom fell out during the recession. It was revived several years ago and now has cleared it's last major hurdle. No doubt there will be a lawsuit. If constructed as designed it would have significant impacts on the San Pedro River, which is still under adjudication for water rights by the federal government, as well as surrounding farmers and ranchers. That being said, I'm struggling to see 30,000 people willingly moving to Benson (which would more than double its size) since there is virtually no industry there. Are they all going to commute to Sierra Vista or Tucson. I just don't see it. Stay tuned. https://tucs

Democrats file brief to protect Utah sites

I don't think this is a surprise given what we've been seeing over the last couple of weeks. I will be interested to see how this goes since I'm not clear on who will hear this case? It's worth noting that Grijalva is likely the next House Natural Resources Chairman. A clarification from previous posts; in Nevada the Democrats will have a supermajority in the state Assembly next year but need Julie Pazina to win in a recount to have a supermajority in the state Senate. No word that I can find on the status of her recount.

Public comments on Bears Ears plan renew debate over revisions

I posted about this last week, specifically I was musing what changes might entail between the Draft RMP/EIS and the Proposed RMP/EIS. Defenders of Wildlife estimated over 200,000 comments have been submitted. I'm betting there are more. Note: the public comment period ended yesterday. How will BLM and the USFS respond to those comments in the limited time they have to get the Proposed RMP/EIS out for public review in the era of "streamlining". That's going to be a massive effort. What impact, if any, will Secretary Zinke's formation of a 15-member Bears Ears National Monument Advisory Committee have on this project or on the plan? What effect will Nevada's makeup in the House and Senate ha

BLM scraps Southern Nevada land-use plan after decade of work

The public scoping meetings for this project started in February of 2010, almost 9 years ago. A Draft was released in 2014 and now it's canceled. Sad to think that so much of that work may have been for naught. Interesting to think that most of the decisions the BLM thinks are important are being addressed through other plans and plan amendments. That makes it challenging to understand the total breadth of a project's potential constraints when decisions are spread through so many documents and not compiled in one location. Now that Nevada has two Democratic Senators and three Democratic Representatives in the House, out of four total, I wonder if they'll be an effort to restart this. If Jul

National monuments played role in key Western races

"It will be interesting to see what changes result from this between the draft RMPs / EIS and the Proposed RMPs / EIS and their respective Records of Decsions. Certainly something worth watching closely in my opinion - DM." President Trump's moves to shrink two national monuments and open public lands to energy development over conservation appeared to play a major role in a number of key congressional races, particularly in the West. In the race for Nevada's Senate seat, Rep. Jacky Rosen (D) defeated incumbent Sen. Dean Heller (R) by a comfortable margin, in part by actively supporting national monuments in the Silver State and elsewhere. While Heller supported Trump's decision last year to

Grand Canyon investigation triggers another shake-up

A federal probe has prompted a sudden leadership juggle at Grand Canyon National Park, with a new acting superintendent expected to arrive Sunday. Woody Smeck, the superintendent of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks in California, will take over as the temporary head of the popular Arizona park, National Park Service officials said last night. Smeck, a 27-year veteran with the park service, is expected to serve in the position until an investigation of the current superintendent, Chris Lehnertz, is complete, said Vanessa Lacayo, a spokeswoman for the park service's Intermountain Regional Office (Greenwire, Oct. 26). Lehnertz, who was removed from her position with no explanation, will

Zinke wants new regions 'stood up' and 'operational' July 1

The Interior Department is moving forward with a sweeping reorganization effort, announcing today the appointment of "regional facilitators" who will organize agency bureaus into 12 "unified regions" that will be in place by July 1, according to a senior official. Susan Combs, an Interior senior adviser exercising the authority of assistant secretary for policy, management and budget, in an email sent today to all employees provides the most detail yet on Secretary Ryan Zinke's long-planned reorganization. Among the new details: Each of the 12 new regions — which will replace 49 individual Interior bureau regional boundaries and, officials say, will make it much easier to manage the hundreds

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