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Draining Arizona: Residents say corporate mega-farms are drying up their wells Those who can afford

Another interesting article on water resources in Cochise County Arizona. This was actually posted on the main page so it's a national article. It serves to again highlight the issues with groundwater availability, or more accurately, the lack thereof in Southern Arizona and the State of Arizona's unwillingness to develop a solution. This is by no means the first news story about the consumption of water by big agriculture in Cochise County. AZPM (PBS) had a four part story in 2016 that examines this in detail. You read this story, you read the 2016 story, look at the development at the Villages at Vignetto and you have to wonder why

Court asked to vacate Corps decision on Vigneto permit

This is another excellent article by Shar Porier of the Sierra Vista Herald Tribune. Amazing to me this is not being followed more closely by the papers in Tucson or Phoenix given the statewide implications of drought and water shortages. I'm still at a loss for where 28,000 families will come from or whether this would ever be fully built. A link to the article, which has a nice sidebar on the history of the project, is at the end.

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