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Potential largest offshore wind farm in the world auctioned off for record price

This was well reported at the end of last week, still I think it bears repeating. If they get to construction this would be the largest offshore wind farm in the world. Think about that, the U.S. would truly be a world leader in renewable energy if this comes to fruition. The articles references the President's apparent disdain for wind energy which I don't understand. This just netted the federal government $405 Million. Money that they would never have gotten for oil and gas development because there is none there. This is 10 times more than the other largest lease sale for offshore wind energy. Talk about energy dominance. This is exactly what I thought the outgoing Secretary of the Inter

Father of missing hiker pleads to Trump, Zinke for help

While not the typical type of post we discuss here I was drawn to it both as a father and a volunteer search and rescue team member with the Southern Arizona Rescue Association (SARA). As a parent I certainly emphasize with this young Cadet's father in his desire to get any and all resources mustered in the search for his son. That being said, anytime you put searchers into the field you are putting them at risk. When they are operating in high altitude and extreme temperatures, that risk factor goes up exponentially, regardless of how well trained they are. Rocky Mountain National Park ranges from an altitude of 7,800 to just over 12,000 feet. That's high altitude. The 10 day forecast has h

Judges weigh transmission project with 'unparalleled impact'

This is an interesting one. I get it, how exactly is a 17 mile transmission line across a river, near the historic settlement of Jamestown VA not a significant visual impact under NEPA? Such that it could be mitigated to below a level of significance under an EA? I just don't see it. I'm curious the rationale the USACE used to reach the conclusion that it was not significant. On the surface that's a huge impact to the viewshed of an NRHP Historic District. I'm not saying that the power line would never be built, but we do need to acknowledge what the impacts of these projects are going to be so the regulators can make an informed decision. That's just my opinion. NEPA is rarely black and whi

BLM rejects massive wind farm along California-Nevada border

I'm not terribly surprised by this result. I was on a team about this time last year that was bidding on the 3rd Party EIS for this project (we were not successful). It was obvious there were significant issues with this and the smaller windfarm (Searchlight) that is referenced in the article. Searchlight had been struggling for years prior to Crescent Wind and that should have been a clue for the developers. Perhaps they thought the current administration would be more forgiving of their impacts? But this is not a fossil fuels project so maybe not. Regardless, this is a lesson that these projects are not rubber stamped by the feds and the value of doing some upfront research, such as having

Votes set on tribal energy, offshore wind bills

As many of you know we're heavily involved in tribal energy and infrastructure projects. It's exciting to see tribes have an opportunity to achieve true energy independence. I'll be curious to see if they use this to develop more renewable sources or if it's used to keep aging coal fired power plants in operation. I certainly see this as an opportunity to provide energy for tribal commercial enterprises which are fiscally handicapped by having to purchase power from a non tribal source. If nothing else it should make it easier for tribes to develop transmission to commercial enterprises. Although I don't have as much experience with it I think the development of offshore wind continues to be

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