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BLM scraps Southern Nevada land-use plan after decade of work

The public scoping meetings for this project started in February of 2010, almost 9 years ago. A Draft was released in 2014 and now it's canceled. Sad to think that so much of that work may have been for naught. Interesting to think that most of the decisions the BLM thinks are important are being addressed through other plans and plan amendments. That makes it challenging to understand the total breadth of a project's potential constraints when decisions are spread through so many documents and not compiled in one location. Now that Nevada has two Democratic Senators and three Democratic Representatives in the House, out of four total, I wonder if they'll be an effort to restart this. If Julie Pazina were to win through a recount, it would give the Democrats a supermajority in the State Legislature. Would that change anything. This bears watching. Thanks to Bruce Goff of GeomorphIS for alerting me to this article.

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