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Public comments on Bears Ears plan renew debate over revisions

I posted about this last week, specifically I was musing what changes might entail between the Draft RMP/EIS and the Proposed RMP/EIS. Defenders of Wildlife estimated over 200,000 comments have been submitted. I'm betting there are more. Note: the public comment period ended yesterday. How will BLM and the USFS respond to those comments in the limited time they have to get the Proposed RMP/EIS out for public review in the era of "streamlining". That's going to be a massive effort. What impact, if any, will Secretary Zinke's formation of a 15-member Bears Ears National Monument Advisory Committee have on this project or on the plan? What effect will Nevada's makeup in the House and Senate have on this? Julie Pazina's race for the Nevada Senate was headed to a recount as of last week, if she wins and the Dems have a supermajority in the Nevada Legislature, will that change anything? Stayed tuned to "In the News" and I'll endeavour to keep you posted.

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